WE BELIEVE IN GOING THE EXTRA MILE, for both our clients and their customers.


Our passion for food and commitment to excellence is second to none.

At Connect, we have demonstrated over the last 30 years, that investing in your staff is hugely beneficial to our clients and their customers. We are proud that our teams are highly trained, motivated and loyal employees who put the customers first. As a result, Connect delivers high quality, bespoke food, freshly cooked and locally sourced, excellent service and outstanding value for money. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and we tailor our food and service to each of the sectors in which we operate.

Our Sector Expertise

Whether it’s a business and industry client such as a prestigious bank or a well-known independent school, an exclusive conference centre or an amazing charity, we create our client’s favourite food and deliver outstanding value. That’s why our customers are our biggest advocates.

Global banking institutions, prestigious research and development facilities along with offices, production and distribution centres

A diverse range of day and residential conference centres

Nursery schools, preparatory schools, senior schools and colleges, and all aspects of boarding

Passionate About

Our Fresh Food

We believe in cooking everything from fresh ingredients. That’s why we source locally.

Passionate About

Our Clients

We create your customer’s favourite food, always with a smile.

Passionate About

Our Employees

We invest in our people. That’s why we were voted No.2 in The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies To Work For 2020.